Wearable Technology

Baako Powerstrap

The Baako One is a powerful and effective charger that fits on your wrist to charge your mobile device whenever you’re running out of charge. The product was designed specifically for outdoor, active consumers.

Unlike existing bulky charging devces, no additional cables are needed. The waterproof & shock resistant casing includes Micro and Ultra-slim USB ports hidden within the strap itself, to provide power to your phone and for downloading and uploading. Four Lithium Ion Polymer cells are capable of providing 1200mAH, around 80% of a full charge for most smartphones. The product can be supplied with an optional screen and extra software to allow tracking and monitoring functions.

We developed the design from the very first sketch through a series of prototypes to test all aspects of the functionailty. Particular attention was paid to the challenge of protecting the delicate internal components within a comfortable ergonomic design.

We provided our client with a one-stop service, project managing the complete development, including the PCB design and software development. The result was a definitive set of data ready for mass production.

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