Cycling in London

Transport for London

Our team has been involved in several measures to support the Mayor of London's drive to increase cycling in the capital.

The Cycle Superhighways are a series of clearly marked blue cycle lanes that radiate from Central London to the outer suburbs, specifically designed to increase the numbers of people commuting by bicycle.

We were commissioned to develop designs for signage totems at key ‘nodes’ along the route. We worked with suppliers and installers to adapt existing signage products for the purpose, developing the final specifications for manufacture of the signs and graphic artwork.

Detailed surveys of the routes were carried out, producing reports proposing locations for the totems, based on several criteria including safety and visibility, and through detailed analysis of demographic data.

Following selection of the locations we produced detailed documents for planning applications and project managed the production and installation of the signage.

In addition we designed and project managed the delivery of a series of video kiosks that were placed at locations along the route during the launch period to promote the scheme. The kiosks are freestanding units, deliberately designed for re-use by Transport for London to promote other schemes and events in future.


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