London Wayfinding

Transport for London

Legible London is an innovative scheme of wayfinding signage specifically aimed at helping pedestrians navigate London.

Following an initial trial of the signage products, we were asked to carry of a value engineering and potential improvements exercise prior to the London-wide role out programme.

A major recommendation was the replacement of the enamelled steel map panel with a toughened glass panel which has a polyester film with a printed map bonded to the rear surface. This change alone saved a significant proportion of the cost of each sign, but also has the added benefits that the removeable film allows the maps to be regularly uodated, and the use of glass enables illumination of the map, and the introduction of near field technologies. 

We were also commissioned to extend the product range with a series of finger posts & low level wayfinding markers for both pedestrians and cyclists. These ‘waymarkers’ include a section that illuminates at night and is powered by a small solar panel and batteries. The illumination makes these signs particularly relevant for use in parks and along towpaths where there is often little lighting at night. Initial installations are near the site of the Olympic Park.

Key benefits to client:

  • Significant reduction in manufacturing and maintenence costs
  • 'Future proof' design enhancements

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