Solis Pole

Jedco / Zeta Solar

We collaborated with leading solar technology supplier Zeta Controls on a joint venture project to build upon their shared expertise.

Through preliminary design research and ideas development, we proposed a range of market opportunities. These ideas were refined into the Solis Pole, a patented, freestanding, self-powered structure that can support a wide variety of applications.

The Solis Pole is the most innovative, elegant design for solar capture available. Suitable as a cost effective sustainable solution for remote locations the Solis Pole offers a variety of customised applications. Photovoltaic Cells are incorporated into the pole and mounted vertically giving the Solis the most efficient solar capture. The solar panels charge maintenance free batteries that are cleverly encased within the sleek frame. The pole provides a mounting platform for a range of solutions: amenity lighting, vehicle activated signs, ticket machines, help points, illuminated advertising and signage.

The innovative and easily adaptable design discretely fits into the environment. The design is robust, vandal and theft resistant, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing.

Key benefits of design:

- Can be used to power a wide variety of outdoor products

- Low cost to install and maintain

- Patented vertical solar panel layout enables greater energy capture and is less prone to theft or vandalism


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