ATOS Origins

Development of automated self-check-in desks 
for JFK Airport Yotel, New York.
Jedco generated design concepts and visuals for bespoke interactive ticketing vending and dispensing machines for Atos Origin’s customers, including Southern Railways, Travelodge, Axa and Yotel.
The contemporary styled Yotel self check-in/out desks are designed to be DDA compliant and comprise a GRP structure incorporating equipment which is easily accessible to maintenance staff:
video screen
passport reader
credit card swipe
signature reader
room magnetic access card dispenser and returns bin
credit card receipt dispenser

We have designed a range of self-service kiosks for ATOS Origins (formerly Shere Ltd).

Projects have included bespoke interactive ticket vending and dispensing machines for ATOS Origin’s customers, such as Southern Railways, Travelodge, Axa, and contemporary styled self check-in desks for innovative hotel chain Yotel.

During the first stage of each project we generate a wide range of design concepts and visuals which are used for client and customer feedback, or to communicate with potential new customers.

The look and feel of each product is tailored to match the aspirations of our client's customers, whether they are in the banking, hospitality or rail sectors.

Following approval of the initial concept, all external and internal components of the machines are fully designed and engineered in 3D CAD ready for prototype manufacture and trialling. Particular attention is paid to DDA requirements, and integrating the electronic equipment to allow easy access by maintenance staff. The mechanical design of components such as coin chutes and locking devices is critical to minimise mechanical failures, and reduce risk of criminal damage.

Throughout each project we work interactively with the client's design manager to ensure all stakeholders are involved in the design process.


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